Montezuma’s Revenge solved!

Originally shared by Jeff Clune

Montezuma’s Revenge solved! Our agent scores over 2 million points and reaches level 159! We are excited to announce Go-Explore, a new algorithm for hard-exploration problems. It shatters records on Pitfall too: 21,000 (previous best was a score of 0). Video summary: Details in blog post: This is from an excellent team of collaborators at Uber AI Labs led by Adrien Ecoffet and Joost Huizinga, with Joel Lehman and Ken Stanley. Please let us know what you think. In my view, this game has been a grand challenge of AI since Atari became a benchmark in 2013. It certainly has been a white whale of ours for a while. It’s a fun, rare moment in a scientific career to say “grand challenge solved!”